Craft A Life You Love Testimonial

“I had been curious about life coaching and I knew of Teresa from her successful maker business.

I had dreams and clear ideas and intentions, but no real path or clarity how to achieve my big picture goals. I found Teresa’s straightforward, reflective, and compassionate manner to be so helpful and useful. She was remarkably encouraging and insightful with her questions, and skilled at encouraging me to break down my big ideas into smaller, attainable steps, which was a huge area of growth for me. My biggest takeaways are how to clarify my goals and to utilize my daily habits to attain them. Teresa consistently used her experience and insights to help support me in identifying my own inner workings and thoughts to get me to a place of clarity and self-understanding.”

Jen Lynn, writer and ceramicist 


“I was at point in my relaunching my business where I was stuck in analysis paralysis and really needed help figuring out what was most important and how to move forward. I have always struggled with decision making, prioritizing, and focus. Complicated projects requiring planning and multiple steps feel overwhelming and often don't get completed. These issues arise frequently running a small business and making small decisions that can have a big life impact. Stating a desired outcome for each meeting helped me to stay on track with my business planning. Reminding me of that stated goal a couple of times throughout the meeting helped redirect me to that goal. I really appreciated the SMART planning process which offers a formula for setting and achieving goals. Having a safe space to express some of the feelings I held around issues such as finances helped relieve some of the emotional pressure so I was less distracted by my underlying emotions and could address the problem at hand. Coming up with action steps was amazing - I could check off each item as it was completed and observe how I was getting closer and closer to my goal.”

Rowan Green of Rowan Green Fiber Arts


“Teresa is a wonderful coach. From the first moments we worked together, she put me at ease with her approachable and compassionate manner. Teresa creates a safe space where I can share my feelings and explore new ideas. She deftly moves me towards my own a-ha! moments through curious questions or inviting me to unpack a potent phrase or word I’ve said. She encourages me to be concrete and accountable in my goals, no matter how modest they are, and cheers with me when I have a triumph. Over six coaching sessions focusing on a specific theme, I gained many insights, found motivation and inspiration, and delved into aspects of the theme that I hadn’t even thought of. Those six sessions with Teresa have created a great foundation for the inner and outer work I’ll be doing for months and years to come.”



Your first hand experience with small business ownership energized me to formulate my annual goals in a tangible way. After being coached by you I find that I’m looking at my business in a different way, rather than being overwhelmed by the whole picture I am able to break down what should be done each day to ultimately accomplish what I want to. 

You also gave me the push I needed to think outside of the box on what I’m capable of and new ideas to explore in the future. 

After working together I feel more prepared for the holiday season, less overwhelmed and more excited to knock things off my to do list. 

Instead of cramming for the holiday season last minute in one month I am going to tick away at it little by little in 9 months.”

Terah of Terrah Bull Designs