What is Coaching?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and wanted someone to listen carefully and ask you questions to help you to solve a problem or attain a goal? On my own journey of self-actualization and healing, I searched many avenues for help, but I didn't find that need met until I discovered coaching.

Coaching will help you to unlock the answers that are already inside of you, so that you can achieve the goal(s) that you yourself will set in place. 

While coaching is neither therapy, mentoring, nor consulting, using my 30+ years of experience as a maker, I am able to apply a different lens that you can look through. I coach by listening and clarifying, being attentive and engaging, offering up a non-judgemental approach, and asking open-ended questions. I seek to understand. I believe that you are a whole person who is equipped with resources and tools.

I feel called to this work. My intention is to help you set big goals that lead to you living your purpose. I hope to raise your awareness and lead you to have your own insights. I will give you 100% of my attention during the sessions to support you in generating options and building relevant strategies to achieve your goal(s).

This journey is your own. The path from start to finish isn't a straight line, rather it's winding, arduous, and full of lessons and learning. 

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