• Can you relate?

    * Wanting to fine tune your daily or weekly schedule.

    * Craving a more organized workspace.

    * Yearning to make more profit.

    * Desiring more time for relationships with family and friends.

    * Wanting more time for hobbies and relationship with self.

    * Having too much money tied up in inventory (raw and finished goods).

  • Benefits of Coaching

    * Create a more sustainable work/life balance.

    * Break through limiting beliefs.

    * Set big goals and break them down into manageable steps.

    * Discover what’s blocking you from reaching your goals.

    * Track progress, and learn how to ‘sit with’ the messy process.

  • Coaching Approach

    * You are whole.

    * You have tools and resources within you already.

    * You decide which small steps you take to reach your goals.

    * You are unique and have valuable things to share.

    * You are worthy and deserving of living your passion/purpose.

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  • “I was at point in my relaunching my business where I was stuck in analysis paralysis and really needed help figuring out what was most important and how to move forward. Coming up with action steps was amazing - I could check off each item as it was completed and observe how I was getting closer and closer to my goal.”

    Rowan Green of Rowan Green Fiber Arts

  • “Teresa is a wonderful coach. From the first moments we worked together, she put me at ease with her approachable and compassionate manner. Teresa creates a safe space where I can share my feelings and explore new ideas. She deftly moves me towards my own a-ha! moments through curious questions or inviting me to unpack a potent phrase or word I’ve said."

    Terah of Terah Bull Designs

  • “I had been curious about life coaching and I knew of Teresa from her successful maker business. I had dreams and clear ideas and intentions, but no real path or clarity how to achieve my big picture goals. My biggest takeaways are how to clarify my goals and to utilize my daily habits to attain them."

    Jen Lynn, writer and ceramicist

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